Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Best Part Of The Debt Ceiling Bill

In the midst of a situation that makes me want to move to France, there was something to smile about.

They finally worked out a deal. It apparently had the gooey center that pundits dream of. The only people who voted "Hell no" to this bill were the super conservatives and the super liberals. That usually means the people who need the most help from the bill aren't getting it.

It must be nice to be a special interest, huh?

Well, back to the something to smile about. Gabrielle Giffords returned to the House for the vote.

The big question is, how did she vote?

She voted yes. Yay for bipartisanship.

They say she entered to thunderous applause. It really warms my heart to see someone fight back from the brink, and the first thing they do is continue their fight for a cause. Whether that be public service, healthcare, education, music, whatever. I just like to see someone fulfill their life's potential.

For her to continue to strive for her goals makes me swell with pride. It makes me think, surprisingly, of all the women who can't do what she's done. In some places in time and history, women aren't holding elected positions.

They aren't making a difference in the world. They don't have a platform on which to stand as an example to others. It's nice to see someone up there on that platform really truly being a great example to follow.

From Giffords we can learn perseverance, strength, commitment, and faith.

I wish we had more like her. If more people knew the importance of every day, they wouldn't waste so many of them.

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