Sunday, August 21, 2011

Light Fare: New Additions To The Dictionary

Sexting and Jegging and Woot, amongst others, get added to the dictionary

This is my life. I live in a world where pop culture terms get added to a dictionary. You do too. If you can "retweet" and get a word to catch on, you too can be in the dictionary in less than 5 years. Tried and true changes in the English language are no more...

Seriously, does anyone still use the word Bootylicious anymore?

It's like the dictionary is suddenly the pop culture peoples' choice awards. If your term is awesome enough to be in widespread use (read: even old white guys who aren't John Stewart know what it means when they hear it), you get voted by the academy into the dictionary.

I wonder how long it will take before they remove words that aren't in use anymore. I bet pantaloons is still in the dictionary, so mankini may be there forever Sigh.

At least I can depend on Blogger. All those new dictionary words I've typed in this post come up highlighted yellow when I click spell check. Score one for not being on top of the times.

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