Saturday, September 3, 2011

Am I Really Wishing Something Bad On An Entire State?

It's true. I want Virgina to get flooded. Like majorly flooded. Like what's happened to people in New Jersey, New York, Vermont, etc. Like what's about to happen, again, to New Orleans. But Eric "I'm The Ultimate Douche" Cantor doesn't understand disaster relief.

I have friends and family in Virginia, so I don't actually want them to get flooded out. But this jerk wants every cent that goes out for disaster relief to be offset by spending cuts. For disasters. Where people lose everything and other people die, he's worried more about austerity?! You've got to be f-ing kidding me.

This guy is the ultimate asshole. What is it going to take for him to understand that people suffering losses from the tornado in Joplin, MO, Irene on the East Coast, and now Lee by the Gulf need help, not more crap about lowering taxes and spending?

I could feel a bit better if he would pay even a bit of attention to the fact that all these disasters are from everything shifting around on the planet due to increased water due to, you guessed it, global warming. Oh wait, he's anti-regulation too.

If only corporations had basements filled with family mementos that got trashed and had offices in these communities trapped by bridge washouts. This this crazy man would care about disaster relief.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Debating Myself - Gun Raffle In Giffords District

Read the CNN story.
TRENDING: County GOP in Giffords' district raffles handgun
Gabrielle Giffords

For all you lazy folks out there, Representative Gabrielle Gifford's Congressional district in is Arizona. Gun-loving Arizona. The Pima Country Republican Party is located in her district. They're having a fundraiser that auctions off a gun. Some say it's insensitive, other's say it's how Arizona rolls. I can see both sides to this argument so here goes.

What insensitive jerks! Giffords was shot by a glock. The woman just started walking around again and they're raffling off a gun of the same type that killed 6 people that day! WTF!

Um... Giffords owns a glock herself. Even the Democrats in Arizona love them some guns. Her office didn't comment on this situation, which probably means they dont' see the big deal.

Just because they didn't make a remark calling these jerks insensitive doesn't mean it's not still insensitive as hell. Are they doing a background check on the people buying these raffle tickets? I highly doubt it. What if another batshit crazy person buys this gun? Who's fault will it be?

They wouldn't just auction off the gun if it were against gun laws. Now you're getting into territory about the state legislation's law on gun possession and purchase. That's so tangential to this case, it's not really applicable.

Like hell it's not applicable. If it weren't for those laws (or lack thereof), she'd have one less hole in her head. But if you want to stay on topic, fine. Let's talk about how this is like dancing on someone's grave. Or more specifically, parking a car on top of it after they've died in a motor vehicle accident. Six people were killed by a glock and they want to raffle one off near where it happened.

Lots of Republican parties auction handguns on a raffle. It happens in several states. I'm sure they're not stopping their raffles in Illinois because of the high gun crime rate there.

Blame the shooter, not the gun, eh? If the shooter had no gun, there'd be no shootings! And don't give me that crap about how they'll just find another way to take people out. The death toll with a semi-automatic is always higher that even a skilled knifesman in a crowd.

Staying on topic, this raffle isn't about her. It's about a fundraiser for the party.

Well, it should be about her. Republicans could stand a little honor these days, even if it has to come on the local level.

Where do you stand in the debate?
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