Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't Even Get Me Started On The Debt Ceiling

Anyone who says it's equally both sides making things difficult is a centrist jerk. People who think that finding a compromise in the middle is the best way, always, are crazy. Especially when that middle keeps shifting as those to one side keep taking gigantic steps away from the other side.

I'm looking at you, Roland Martin. You're a crazy person to think that it's both the Democrats and Republicans equally holding up progress.

The Democrats are still whining about having to potentially cut some of the entitlement programs. But they're sure as hell not going to have to be coerced with promises of constitutional amendments and pizza to get their vote on a bill that doesn't completely suck.

The Republicans in general and the Tea Partiers in particular are appearing more and more to be full-blown lunatics. A lot of these freshman members of Congress don't fully understand how the process works. They think they can get an amendment to the constitution passed during election year. Election year. Passed. In all 50 states etc.

Seriously? I know these people constantly deride and undervalue education. But did none of them take civics at any point from 5th grade to grad school? Sigh.

Back to the point at hand. Now, suddenly, there's a silver lining. I don't know that there's more of one than before. I just know that the media tide has shifted and all the calls of the sky falling are shifting to faux rainbow sightings. I'm looking at you New York Times.

This craziness almost made my parents hesitate to sign a contract for my wedding venue. This is where this gets personal. I have half a mind to move to another state, just so I can vote against any one of these rich guys who have no problem pushing the rest of America, and the planet, to the brink of economic disaster.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Every Damn Time I Check My E-mail...

...There's something in the news on Yahoo! that jumps out at me. I open a few new tabs to read the info and then read the "news" "stories" after I've checked my e-mail. I can't wait until I get a newer Blackberry and can see all the pictures on an html e-mail. Then I can avoid getting sucked in. Stupid interesting entertainment news.

So here are the three stories that caught my eye. At least one isn't actually entertainment news.

1. Tiger Woods finally makes a big announcement
I wrote a post ten days ago because I was interested in the big announcement Tiger Woods was going to make. It was reported later that there was no big announcement and for people to stop listening to rumors.

You know what I think? I think there was an announcement. And I think the announcement was that he and his caddy are splitting. I just think they weren't ready for it to come out yet. And instead of being a douche and making an announcement about an announcement (I'm looking at you Donald Trump), he chose to simply wait until he was ready to spread the news.

I don't feel bad for his caddy, he's moving on to another successful golfer and he's a millionaire several times over thanks to Tiger. His life will probably be far less stressful starting tomorrow.

1. A Sinkhole? Can a natural disaster be called life imitating art?
Remind me never to go to Guatemala City. Jeez, it's normal for a giant perfectly cylindrical hole to open up in the ground? In your house? Under your bed? Um, no thanks. That sounds like a horror movie I'd never go see.

I am glad that her kids were okay though.

Kim Kardashian does something else I won't remember tomorrow.
The only reason I even paid-attention to this story is because it involved a look-alike. This has to be the third story this month Yahoo! put on their webpage about a damn Kim Kardashian look-alike. But hey, this one finally caught my eye.

It made me laugh because she's trying to sue Old Navy to get them to stop using a model she says looks to much like her.

So now I have questions: You're too good for Old Navy Kim? Why do you think they're using a model that looks like you? Why are you encouraging our already overly litigious society? Did you ever think that people know it's not you and don't care anyway?

As much crap as you promote, you'd think you'd want to be in an Old Navy commercial, at least their products aren't completely unhealthy. I'm just saying.

I really hope to have more rants about something that actually matters the next time I post.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seriously, Murdoch? What The Hell?!

First off, shout out to Amazon & Kindle for being awesome! I pay for a monthly subscription to the New York Times newspaper and get it delivered on my Kindle.

When The New York Times started charging people to read their website, Kindle worked with them to get access for their subscribers. So now I can link to articles and you can read them too! It's so great. And now I'm done gushing and back to ranting.

If you haven't read about the scandal in Europe right now, pay more attention to the news. Read this article, and then read all the related articles it links to.

And shame on you for not being on top of this craziness.

So here's my beef: what is Murdoch's issue? After this thing keeps ballooning bigger and bigger, his response is still infuriating.

I feel like had he just distanced himself from the people and organizations involved, he might have emerged a bit better. A good old fashioned under-the-bus-throwing was very apropos is this situation.

But this keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think he thinks he's too big to fail. I think he thinks he's Al Pacino in Ocean's Thirteen.

Look at 1:25, 1:55, 2:45, but especially 2:52 to see what I mean. And with people like Tom Perkins having his back, Murdoch of course believes he'll be okay, no matter how long the earthquake shakes his giant twisted building.

I will be following this story to see what happens when he goes before the committee in Parliament that should be going on right about now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Light Fare: Dakota Fanning's Possible New Haircut

I'm irritated with myself that I even care about this. But what can I say, I have a soft spot in my heart for child actors all grown up. Especially when they are finding their way into having careers as adults.

Okay, so maybe the movie Dakota is shooting right now is set in London and she's playing a 17 year old, but that counts, right?

Moving on. Here's the photo.
Story photo: Did Dakota Fanning Chop Off Her Hair?

Read the Yahoo article about it

I swear, I come across more things on that I read that I would never have known without that homepage. This is not a good thing. They suck me in with their oh-so-NOT-important entertainment news.

Since I have to look at this, so do you. What do you think of the hair? It's not the most flattering picture. So I don't know if I like it. She looks like she has a pixie face with longer hair, but then her face suddenly looks overly round with pixie hair.

An unintended side effect of this story is now I care about seeing this movie. Sigh.

I do love Dakota Fanning's acting though. I guess I should just accept it. I wonder how that wise-beyond-her-years thing will play with her portraying a 17 year old. I guess world-weary will work for a cancer patient.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Can't WAIT To Hear What Tiger Woods Has To Say

Read the article on about this.

I can't figure out why, but this has caught my attention. I read the short article a number of times since I first saw it on my way to work yesterday evening.

I have a ton of thoughts as to what he could be talking about.

1. Distancing himself from his drug smuggler friend.

2. Retiring.

3. Surgery announcement.

4. New wife.

5. Endorsement announcement.

6. Book coming out.

7. Still trying to repair his image.

8. Making some other random announcement I can't think of right now.

If you click the link above, you'll skip the page and won't see the cute picture they have of him up. I can't help it, I find the slut puppy attractive, especially with the facial hair. I lurv me some facial hair.

But yes, if his announcement is even a little bit interesting, I will probably end up blogging about it, especially if it pisses me off

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Can't Wait Til The Casy Anthony Book Comes Out

So I didn't care about the trial while it was going on. But now that the verdict is out, I'm fascinated. I'm reading transcripts from interviews with Anthony's attorney.

When people talk about their opinions of whether or not she should have been found guilty, I find myself not caring again.

The thing I'm most focused on now is the book that is certainly sure to come out within the next two years. No one gets this much media attention and doesn't write a book.

I'll keep my opinion of what I think happened because no one really knows except Casey and her father. But just like every person who has no life to go back to, she'll eventually tell her story.

It's true that I don't care about the hullabaloo concerning what should have or shouldn't have happened, but I will be one of the first people to buy her book when it comes out.

And if you're still reading this post, you probably will too. Let's be real, we all want to know what really happened. Just like OJ's book, she'll be explaining what really happened, hypothetical or not.

Do you think she really killed her daughter? Did the father have anything to do with it? How will Casey move forward? It will be all in the book I bet you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The GOP Race Is Sorta Getting Interesting

These people are trying to make themselves more newsworthy. They're not making headlines for great campaign moments. It's because of ridiculousness left and right.

Herman Cain is hemorrhaging staffers.  Poor guy, he's acting like Newt "The Titanic" Gingrich. Apparently these staffers this year are serious about winning Iowa. Is that what gave Obama the White House? Is it so key to the election? I guess we'll see.

Bachmann demands to be taken seriously. I guess that means she hasn't ever actually listened to herself when she talks. But that's okay. Fox is playing into it, and so will their viewers. That only increases her chances of winning the GOP nomination and that's only a good thing for Obama. Let's not forget this lady is batshit crazy.

And speaking of Bachmann, her chief of staff left her to back Pawlenty for President. Apparently, he's the Brad Pitt to her Jennifer Aniston. And just like people barely remember those two were married, if Pawlenty has any success, people will forget Ron Carey used to support Michele Bachmann.

And lastly, Bristol Palin makes her mother seem more interesting by association. Her book is out. And even though she trashes Meghan McCain, of who I am a fan, I still found this stuff interesting. I will not spend money on or read her book, but I will be reading blurbs and articles of other people's opinions of it. If only her mother would decide to run for President, I could get stuff like this every day until next November.

I hope the GOP stays interesting. Like a car wreck of course. I don't want to hear anything about economic debates or foreign policy. The less substantive these candidates are, the better for Obama.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Don't I Care About The Casey Anthony Trial??

Seriously, I don't care at all. When I've run out of other things to read on on my BlackBerry, I'll read through the updates to the case.

I like to be informed so that when it comes up in discussion while I'm out an about, I have something to offer. If you can't tell, I love having an opinion to care.

But I'm having trouble mustering up an opinion. All I'm able to do is fill in the gaps in other peoples' knowledge of the case. Perhaps it's just the company I keep, but concern for this case doesn't seem to match the media coverage.

Why do they want us to care so much? Mothers are on trial all over the country for killing their kids. Why this case?

If you care to read what CNN has to say about it, click here.

There are some interesting aspects. 1. The grandfather's possible involvement as well as his suicide attempt. 2. The grandfather's mistress. 3. Those odd search terms in the family's computer.

Other than that, it's um... boring as hell. Can somebody, anybody, explain to me why this case is garnering so much media attention?
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