Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Don't I Care About The Casey Anthony Trial??

Seriously, I don't care at all. When I've run out of other things to read on on my BlackBerry, I'll read through the updates to the case.

I like to be informed so that when it comes up in discussion while I'm out an about, I have something to offer. If you can't tell, I love having an opinion to care.

But I'm having trouble mustering up an opinion. All I'm able to do is fill in the gaps in other peoples' knowledge of the case. Perhaps it's just the company I keep, but concern for this case doesn't seem to match the media coverage.

Why do they want us to care so much? Mothers are on trial all over the country for killing their kids. Why this case?

If you care to read what CNN has to say about it, click here.

There are some interesting aspects. 1. The grandfather's possible involvement as well as his suicide attempt. 2. The grandfather's mistress. 3. Those odd search terms in the family's computer.

Other than that, it's um... boring as hell. Can somebody, anybody, explain to me why this case is garnering so much media attention?

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