Monday, July 4, 2011

The GOP Race Is Sorta Getting Interesting

These people are trying to make themselves more newsworthy. They're not making headlines for great campaign moments. It's because of ridiculousness left and right.

Herman Cain is hemorrhaging staffers.  Poor guy, he's acting like Newt "The Titanic" Gingrich. Apparently these staffers this year are serious about winning Iowa. Is that what gave Obama the White House? Is it so key to the election? I guess we'll see.

Bachmann demands to be taken seriously. I guess that means she hasn't ever actually listened to herself when she talks. But that's okay. Fox is playing into it, and so will their viewers. That only increases her chances of winning the GOP nomination and that's only a good thing for Obama. Let's not forget this lady is batshit crazy.

And speaking of Bachmann, her chief of staff left her to back Pawlenty for President. Apparently, he's the Brad Pitt to her Jennifer Aniston. And just like people barely remember those two were married, if Pawlenty has any success, people will forget Ron Carey used to support Michele Bachmann.

And lastly, Bristol Palin makes her mother seem more interesting by association. Her book is out. And even though she trashes Meghan McCain, of who I am a fan, I still found this stuff interesting. I will not spend money on or read her book, but I will be reading blurbs and articles of other people's opinions of it. If only her mother would decide to run for President, I could get stuff like this every day until next November.

I hope the GOP stays interesting. Like a car wreck of course. I don't want to hear anything about economic debates or foreign policy. The less substantive these candidates are, the better for Obama.

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