Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't Even Get Me Started On The Debt Ceiling

Anyone who says it's equally both sides making things difficult is a centrist jerk. People who think that finding a compromise in the middle is the best way, always, are crazy. Especially when that middle keeps shifting as those to one side keep taking gigantic steps away from the other side.

I'm looking at you, Roland Martin. You're a crazy person to think that it's both the Democrats and Republicans equally holding up progress.

The Democrats are still whining about having to potentially cut some of the entitlement programs. But they're sure as hell not going to have to be coerced with promises of constitutional amendments and pizza to get their vote on a bill that doesn't completely suck.

The Republicans in general and the Tea Partiers in particular are appearing more and more to be full-blown lunatics. A lot of these freshman members of Congress don't fully understand how the process works. They think they can get an amendment to the constitution passed during election year. Election year. Passed. In all 50 states etc.

Seriously? I know these people constantly deride and undervalue education. But did none of them take civics at any point from 5th grade to grad school? Sigh.

Back to the point at hand. Now, suddenly, there's a silver lining. I don't know that there's more of one than before. I just know that the media tide has shifted and all the calls of the sky falling are shifting to faux rainbow sightings. I'm looking at you New York Times.

This craziness almost made my parents hesitate to sign a contract for my wedding venue. This is where this gets personal. I have half a mind to move to another state, just so I can vote against any one of these rich guys who have no problem pushing the rest of America, and the planet, to the brink of economic disaster.

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