Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great News About Qaddafi. Not Great News About Perry

The rebels in Libya are feeling increasingly good because it seems that the last of Qaddafi's holds in Libya are falling apart. They've given loyalists one week to surrender. I hope they surrender and don't make this fight last longer than it has to.

Read the CNN article.

I get how someone can be so bogged down in the life they've always known. And for someone who's life has been filled with Cristal champagne, marble pools, and lots o' cash, holding onto what's left of Qaddafi's regime seems like the better idea.

But for those who were subjected to be one of a ton of lower class denizens under a dictator, freedom was their only option. Yay for the NATO involvement and I hope Libya can replace Iraq in our interventionist memory.

In other news, Rick Perry leads in another poll.

Why would anyone vote for this secessionist steal-jobs-from-other-states, Hispanic loathing, education hating, pay-to-play faux cowboy?

I'm about to get real whiny right now. I was batshit crazy Michele Bachmann on top! It's not fair. She sounds reasonable enough. But why does Perry get to spout all the same crazy Christiandoms she does but he's more popular with moderates? Maybe it's cause his spouse isn't trying to de-gay the masses.

Well, there's always still Sarah Palin. I'm waiting on her particlar anti-intellectualistic view of the world to join in this race. Where are you Sarah?

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