Friday, August 12, 2011

Rick Perry, Get On In Here!

Oh yeah! I'm doing a happy dance as more and more loony ass Republicans hop into the race for President. Rick I-Don't-Like-Hispanics-Even-Though-Countless-Numbers-Of-Them-Live-In-My-State Perry threw his hat in the ring.

The only thing that could make me more happy is if Sarah Palin would join in too.

Although he doesn't officially announce his candidacy until tomorrow, like other Repubs before him, <a href="">there's been a pre-announcement</a>.

Previous reports had indicated that Perry would use a speech at the conservative RedState Gathering in Charleston to make his intentions clear, but would stop short of officially announcing a presidential bid.

But the Republican source told CNN that Perry will be in the Republican presidential race on Saturday.
And doing her job as the newer, loonier, slightly better educated Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann is doing her "look at me" dance by already commenting on his candidacy -- before it even starts. <a href="">Read the article</a>.

"I think the interesting thing is, he wasn't here tonight," Bachmann adviser Ed Goeas said. "He's not involved in the Iowa Straw poll. If he in fact…is getting in this race at the end of the week, I think the real question, especially for many of the people here in Iowa are asking was: why weren't you here tonight?"
This was about Thursday's race. And seriously, who cares about Iowa's straw poll? We already know what's going down there, they are going to pick whoever combines the right mix of fiscal conservativism (real word? prolly not) with social freedom with a dash of states rights.

Iowa only matters as much as what the next three states do. For the Democrats in 2008, it was a big deal because no one expected Obama to beat Clinton. But there's far too many candidates in the race for the Repubs to make a difference, in my not-so-humble opinion.

So while they fret about things that won't make a difference anyway, I'll just sit back and grin and hope more and more nutbags join up and muddy the waters.

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