Monday, August 8, 2011

Post-Racial My @#$

Yeah, Barack Obama represents the shift to a more post-racial world and all that. My father refers to me as "post-racial" occasionally. He means it as a half-compliment.

But, <a href="">just read this and you'll understand why I titled this post the way I did.

Image: <a href="">The Mississippi Link</a>

In these current times where Hollywood etc. are glossing over history and removing evidence that things weren't always so integrated, it's nice to see CNN not shy away from the hard details of what happened. Here's a direct quote from the article:

As the teens were partying and drinking miles away from Jackson that night, in largely white Rankin County, Dedmon told friends they should leave, saying "let's go fuck with some niggers," according to law enforcement officials.
It's hard to read and it makes me very sad. These mis-guided young men did a horrible thing. They suck and they will pay.

The one good thing about the Big Brother-ness of America these days is that this attack was caught on camera. The entire thing was caught on camera.

There's no doubt this was racially motivated. The hate crime designation makes this offense have a stronger punishment, even in Mississippi.

These racists will be punished. James Craig Anderson will be avenged via the justice system thanks to technology. I can't even begin to imagine what his family is going through. Nor can I imagine what the families of the criminals are going through.

I do hope this doesn't spark some sort of race war. This is Mississippi after all. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be to make everyone magically aware of everyone else's humanity.

It's amazing that people forget others are people too! Just because they look different or speak differently doesn't mean they're not still a person with family, hopes, dreams, personality.

If you forget those who are not your in your immediate circle are people too, you're an asshole. It's just that simple.

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