Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Really Perry?! Already With The Talk Of Treason?!?!

So, apparently, it's never too early in one's primary race for president to start throwing around the word treason. At least, not when it comes to Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Perry: Bernanke would be 'treasonous' to use stimulus again
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Apparently, being "passionate" is a good reason to call Ben Bernanke treasonous.
Seriously?! You've been campaigning for all of, what, three days and you're pulling out words people used to die over?!

Those are fighting words, Perry. Fighting words!

And seriously?! You're going after Democratic people already?! Why not focus on the actual primary which you must win to even be relevant in this discussion in a year.

And while I'm on the subject, seriously?! You won like 875 votes in the Ames' Straw Poll for emotional farmers and you think it's time to focus on the long game?

Seriously dude, you have to beat batshit crazy Michele I Don't Believe Anyone's Really Gay But They Can Be A Witch Bachmann before you've earned the right to start calling folks treasonous.

If this is what you're doing this early, Lord only knows how much farther you'll sink on the premise of passion. Hopefully you'll sink just far enough for reasonable people to run screaming away from you. Seriously.

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