Saturday, August 27, 2011

How To Fix Obama's Inaction

The Republicans seemed primed to benefit from their obstructionist behavior for the last few years. At least according to polls, their gamble is paying off. People are seeing Obama as unable to get things done and his approval ratings are suffering as a result.

The Republicans ratings are in the toilet too. But when faced with a decision between bad and worse, people tend to forget which is worse and go with the option they haven't recently tried. I can only hope people are that ridiculously stupid, but alas it may be so.

I get really sad when I think about the possibility of Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann as president. Mitt Romney would be less gag-inducing, but only marginally.

The only real solution in times like these is to get rid of the obstructionists. If the Republicans lose their majority in Congress, they can't say no to everything Obama suggests. Then he can get things done and move this country forward.

They seriously say no to everything he suggests. They have opposed every single revenue raise. But when Obama proposes continuing the social security tax, suddenly they're against it. Are you kidding me!??! They say they only want tax cuts that will grow business. As if business is the only things that needs growth. And those rich folks they're extending the Bust tax cuts for are not running around hiring new people with the saved money. They're hoarding!

These folks are full of it. I just hope enough Americans realize it so they will make the right decision in this upcoming election cycle.

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