Saturday, June 4, 2011

Being John Edwards Has Got To Suck

I mentioned in a previous post how Arnold Schwarzenegger was not doing well, but at least he was doing better than John Edwards. And I really really really mean that now.

If you haven't heard, John Edwards was recently indicted for violations of campaign law. They think he may have given those funds to his mistress. His terrible terrible mistress who told on him and got him caught up. I guess she wanted her baby to have a daddy more than she wanted that daddy to be President.

But now he has to go to court to settle those allegations. And the charges are criminal charges. It has got to suck to be him.

Losing a presidential bid, losing his wife, alienating his country, and now criminal charges. He isn't even close to the first politician to have a child out of wedlock. At least his mistress didn't require he go to the Appalachian trail (you know what I'm referring to, South Carolina).

But he did bad things and got caught and now he's paying the price. I'm sure he's scratching his head and wondering how it all happened. Not wishing he hadn't gone down that path, but wishing he had made wilier decisions so he wouldn't be in this exact predicament.

Of course, for a public figure in turmoil, there's only one solution: write a book!

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