Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Boooooored, Boring Grand Old Party

New Orleans (CNN) -- Conservative after conservative took the stage and railed against President Barack Obama at this week's Republican Leadership Conference, a three-day gathering of presidential candidates, party activists and political operatives in New Orleans.

That quote is from the first paragraph in a article you can read here.

I'm reading it and thinking, um, okay, whatever!

I guess I just don't get the point of leading with that paragraph. I must look at it through the lens of recent history and remember that back in 2008, those who could decry Bush the loudest amongst the Democrats seemed to get the most attention.

But still... who cares? Does anyone think anyone other than Mitt Romney will win the nomination? We know how the Republicans are. The person who "deserves the nomination", who's "been patiently waiting their turn" will get it.

I would be surprised (and extremely happy and grateful) if Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin won the GOP nomination, but it won't be them. It will be Romney. I wish things were more interesting now, but they're just not.

Herman Cain isn't doing a good job of replacing Michael Steele as the token black guy. Tim Pawlenty turned out to be such a punk. Don't even get me started on Next "The Titanic" Gingrich. That's my own personal nickname for him by the way.

Trust me, I hope the most foolish choice possible wins the GOP nomination and guarantees Obama the White House for another four years. But I'd at least like things to be interesting on the way there. Snore.

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