Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner, You're Such a Wiener

Dude, What The Hell?!?!?

Let's talk about how amazing your wife is. Y'all are still newlyweds! Why are you chasing 20-somethings around Twitter?

Let's talk about how you need some Internet usage training. If CSI has taught us nothing else, it's that if you put it out on the Internet, it can be traced back to you. Dumb ass.

Let's talk about how you've pissed off all the Democrats. Your own party leadership is calling for an ethics investigation.

Let's talk about your lack of personal responsibility. You outright lied about what happened because you "didn't want to get caught"?!?!? What are you, eight years old?

Let's talk about how dumb you are. Who tries to conduct an illicit relationship OVER THE INTERNET??? Seriously dude? You get what you deserve simply because you were so stupid.

Back to your amazing wife. I was so glad she was off living her life and pursuing her career so she wasn't able to stand by your side as you gave your half-assed apology via press conference.

And let's all focus on what's really important: you apology didn't mean a thing because you would not have apologized had you not gotten caught.


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