Friday, June 24, 2011

Eric Cantor Has No Spine

Really? You walked away from debate negotiations?!?

Really? Just because you knew whatever compromise you came up with would be unpopular in the GOP, politicians and electorate alike?!?

Really? That thought never occurred to you before the moment you walked away?!?

I call bullshit. He knew. Perhaps he was delusional enough to think they could stick up the Democrats, yet again, for something really Republican-y to appease having to raise the debt ceiling.

The Democrats don't want to touch Medicare and Medicaid. They haven't yet accepted reality that some changes (hopefully not privatization though) need to happen.

The Republicans don't want any tax raises. They haven't yet accepted that closing a loophole so people pay the rate actually in the tax code isn't the same as raising rates.

They came to an impasse and the solution is no one gets satisfied. But the debt ceiling has to be raised. All the politicians know it.

But Eric "I look almost as good as Sarah Palin in glasses" Cantor is too much of a punk to stand up and say it. He's scared of the scary Tea Party.

I call bullshit. He knew it would go this way. Or at least he should have.

So now he's let negotiations fall apart. Really!?!? That's how you feel? I hope you lose your job. I hope the Tea Party makes you lose your job for having anything to do with this in the first place since you couldn't see it through.


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