Thursday, June 23, 2011

McCain, I Officially Respect You Again

I knew of John McCain first from his interviews on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was the funny charismatic guy who I didn't even mind was Republican.

Then he ran for President and had a real shot of securing the Republican nomination in 2008. Everything went downhill from there. He did what he had to do to win the nomination, but he became someone unrecognizable on that path.

Now, he's back on track. At least when it comes to stances on things like international affairs and defense. He's stood up against his party to support what NATO is doing in Libya. There's an interesting opinion piece on you can read here.

In it, it's described how he calls out Michelle Bachmann in particular to let people know the GOP is on the wrong side of this debate. He's right. We should not stand by, yet again, while countless lives are taken by dictators not willing to accept their time as rulers are over.

It's easy to take a stand when you're old as hell and will face no real political repercussions for your stance. But better late than never. Meghan McCain is no longer the only McCain I can bear to hear what they say.

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