Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jerky Comments On Websites

This rant comes up because of a situation a new friend is in. She was attacked and her attack made the news. She's been interviewed on the news and had to deal with the police (CPD seems quite incompetent through all of this) as they f-ed up her case etc.

In this new day and age, most news stories are reported online. This evening, we looked up her news reports for WGN, ABC, FOX, even Yahoo! news. Each one had an almost identical story. They had the basics of the attack, a description of the attacker, information about the alert police put out. Each one also had a comment section.

And oh. my. God. Those comments!

People, what the hell?! What would possess people to put up such ridiculous comments about a situation they know nothing of?

The types of comments that irritated me the most were:

racist ass folks who were using the fact that the assailants description was a black male as proof that all black people are some sort of primate (who knew gibbon was a new racial slur?!?) and dangerous to the well-being of normal white folk

militant ass folks who didn't know the race of the woman being attacked and assumed she was lying about the assailant being black in the same way white women used to lie about being raped by black men back during Jim Crow times

ignorant asses who went off on a political rant that somehow involved vitriol toward the Tea Party and Barack Obama with no regard to the actual post they were commenting on

I mean seriously?!? What the hell is wrong with you people? The story was very basic and you had to assume a whole hell of a lot more than the facts presented to come up with your comments.

Before you feel so snug and secure in your online anonymity, please think first about how much of a dumbass you appear to people who know the whole story. Jeez!

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