Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Is About Movies That Make It To Theaters And Make Me Happy

I talk a lot about the serious issues in the news and the issues are important. But I also care about less serious issues, and this is one of those issues.

I've been hearing rumors about old folks trekking to the movies in large quantities. Actually it's not rumors. There are undeniable statistics of a 67% rise in baby boomers going to the movies since they started turning 50 in 1995.

This is a subject that interesting to me because I love movies. When I had the money and time, I was at the movies a few times a week. How much did I go to the movies? Let's put it this way, I saw Dark Knight ten times in theaters. Seriously.

But I've always been a fan of most of the trend changes in movies. I loved when IMAX started having versions of movies. There was more to the screen and, sometimes, more to the story being told. I embraced 3D, yeah I'm talking about you Avatar. I think my favorite trend was the epics. It started with epic books (I love you Lord of The Rings!), then it moved to children's books (Chronicles of Narnia helped raise me!). And then the best ever; comic books came to the big screen. It wasn't a new idea, but it was a new iteration.

We've seen Batman as a comedian and ladies man. But we hadn't seen him struggle with his true essence from the comic book: being the other side of the psyche coin that made the Joker who he was. And it wasn't just him. We got real person views of Iron Man, The Hulk, and Wolverine. It was amazing!

But I'm done with my ode to movies. Let's focus on the most recent trend. Movies like RED and The Expendables showed that older people could star in, carry, and contribute to the box office success of real movies with real plots. They provide a whole new type of movie. The story you tell for older people is totally untapped for movies, unless you include the B story in someone else's romantic comedy.

I for one am delighted about the trend. Check out this article for a re-hashing of everything I just said.

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