Saturday, March 12, 2011

NFL Woes

I love football. It's my favorite sport, by far. So one would think I was heartbroken over what's happening right now with the owners and the players. But I'm not.

If the players have a beef, it needs to be settled. I hear people often say that professional sports is one of the last forms of organized slavery. That may be a stretch considering that so man professional athletes are making 7 figures, but they do not have control over certain aspects of their lives.

I support taking control of a bad situation. That's why I was glad to see the names of two of my favorite quarterbacks (Drew Brees and Peyton Manning) on the list of those filing formal litigation since negotiations have fallen through.

Sure this season may not happen. While I'd love an 18-game season, giving me more time to kick butt in m fantasy football league, it will not be the end of the world if it comes a year later than originally planned.

I'm going to blame my anti-fat-cat sentiment for being on the side of someone other than the owners.

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