Friday, March 4, 2011

Light Fare: Fine Ass Hollywood Men

There is a certain type of guy I will always be attracted to: great eyes, facial hair, smile that makes me melt, great hair. Except for the hair, Easy, my boyfriend, fits the bill. He used to have great hair (I had a crush on him when we were teenagers), but now he has a sexy shaved head.

Moving on. I noticed that there are a few guys in Hollywood that I find soooo attractive. They don't all look alike, but they look good in the same way. At least they do in these pictures I found. So without further ado, my facial hair eye candy.

#1 Name: Javier Bardem

Who Is He: He's a Spanish Actor who makes amazing films in Spanish and English. He is with Penelope Cruz and they just had a baby like a month ago, yet they still were up and about during this year's Oscars.

Most Recent Acclaimed Work: The film Biutiful which received an Academy Award nomination.

Why You Might Have Heard of Him: No Country For Old Men, Eat Pray Love

Does He Look Like This All Time? Oh yes. He looks only slightly different when he has his hair hanging over his forehead. But lack of facial changes nothing.

#2 Name: Gerard Butler

Who Is He: Scottish actor/singer. Amazing singing voice. I'd love to see anything with him and the redhead sexyman from Grey's Anatomy acting and singing together. He used be a lawyer, been acting since the mid-90s.

Most Recent Acclaimed Work: It sure as hell ain't The Bounty Hunter. I guess lending his voice to How To Train Your Dragon. And they still love him for 300, even though it's not really recent.

Why You Might Have Heard of Him:  The Ugly Truth, PS I Love You, Law Abiding Citizen, 300

Does He Look Like This All Time? Not really. Sometimes he looks like that guy who plays Ben Affleck's brother in The Town. And him from The Ugly Truth looks nothing like him from 300. Hair length, facial hair, the man has many hot looks to offer.

#3 Name: Russell Crowe
Who Is He: Australian actor/musician. Aside from some interesting stories, like about al Qaeda wanting to kidnap him, you should know this dude. Seriously.
Most Recent Acclaimed Work: I dunno. Maybe, Robin Hood?
Why You Might Have Heard of Him: Cinderella Man, 3:10 to Yuma, A Beautiful Mind 
Does He Look Like This All Time? Nope. Just check out his wikipedia page. But he's aging very well. I bet he'll still be hot when he's 65.
#4 Name: Clive Owen
Who Is He: English actor. I think he's the first one so far that I can't remember not using his normal accent in every movie.
Most Recent Acclaimed Work: Duplicity and The International
Why You Might Have Heard of Him: Children of Men, King Arthur, Inside Man, Derailed, Sin City, Closer, The Rich Man's Wife. Soo many movies.
Does He Look Like This All Time? Of course not. I love his facial hair, but he loses his inability to smile in pictures when he has facial hair. But he's good looking from any angle.
#5 Name: Robert Downey, Jr.

Who Is He: American actor. He's been acting since the 70s. He's good at what he does. He has a tumultuous private life, but who cares, this is about his looks.
Most Recent Acclaimed Work: Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes. I refuse to accept that Tropic Thunder might have been critically acclaimed.
Why You Might Have Heard of Him: The Pick-Up Artist, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man, Due Date
Does He Look Like This All Time? He's been acting for a long time. He certainly wasn't this fine back in those 80s movies... But nah, he looks different depending on hair, glasses, clothes. Only those eyes stay dreamy no matter what.

So what have we learned? I like men with accents. And facial hair, and great eyes. If you didn't make the list, grow your beard. But only if you have the face for it. I know mustaches are out. I don't give a fuck. Yes, I really just said that.

EDIT: I can't believe I orignially forgot Jeffrey Dean Morgan! He played Denny on Grey's Anatomy, and he was sexy sexy Clay in the Losers. That fight he had with Zoey Saldana was by far the sexiest fight I've ever seen in a movie, you ain't got nothing on this Angelina & Brad!

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