Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consequences For Your Actions, Charlie Sheen

I am once again talking about Charlie Sheen. Aside from the feelings I have about even discussing this topic, this is big national news for some reason, so here I am, adding to what will show up on your Google search for Charlie Sheen. Sigh.

At least  the only other post I've written about him compared his quotes to Glenn Beck and Muammar Qaddafi, so there was at least some world news stuff thrown in. At this time, I'm talking about the consequences of his actions. I can feel a bit better because I'm not simply re-reporting his antics.

I read an article on USAToday.com that Warner Bros. Fires Charles Sheen. I don't want some one's life to fall apart, but I do want there to be consequences for actions. I do want Charlie's Sheen current behavior to not be swept under a rug.

When you do that may batshit crazy, unable-to-be-understood interviews in such a short time, especially following his dramas with women and hotels in recent history, I look at it as a cry for help. This man needs help. So much help. Now that he has no livelihood, hopefully he can get it. And not his stay-at-home rehab. Some real help.

What will happen with Two and Half Men now that Sheen is out? I've got an idea I haven't heard tossed around. The young guy who used to be "half a man"? Yeah, he's old as hell now, let him be the other man and bring along another small child to be the next half. That way, there's some story growth that feels real. Bringing in a new cast member is easier when it's set in an office. Not so easy when it's set in a family.

But Warner Bros. pretty much has to finish this season and go all the way to May 2012. Or they could not finish this season and extend the length of next season. Either way, the shoe must go on. You can't sell syndication and not finish your show. I kind of look forward to seeing how Warner Bros. works this out now that Charlie Sheen isn't part of the story anymore.

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