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The Dancing With Stars Cast For Winter/Spring 2011

I love Dancing With The Stars. This is Season 12 and I've been watching since... hmmm... I think Season 4 maybe. I did watch part of Season 2 to witness the horrible-ness that was Master P's dancing. No, the first full season I watched was Season 5. That was when Helio Castroneves won. He was so great in that Yellow Banana suit. Sexy man. But I digress.

This is a show I love and will probably blog about throughout the season. I even watched the Bachelor last night to see the cast announcement live. I mean, I had the show on mute while I was on the phone with my boyfriend Easy, but still my eyeballs were on the tv occasionally.

I'm looking forward to this season just like I always have since I began watching the show. I love that you get to see a side of these people that can't be PR'd or engineered. You can pretend for a while but your true colors always come out (I'm looking at you Kate Gosselin). Perfect example, I got to see Bristol Palin. I realize that I actually really like her personality, well about as much as I can like anyone who's just a naturally quiet person. But I also learned that she's self-righteous and kind of a jerk. But she's still a kid, perhaps she'll grow out of it.

But enough waxing about contestants past, it's time to talk about the new contestants! There are 11 of them. Less than the large numbers the cast has had before, but I'm betting that has to do with the number of episodes they're having and maybe a desire to avoid double eliminations. We'll see.

Sugar Ray LeonardName: Sugar Ray Leonard, age 54
Why Her/Him?: There's always athlete. Usually football or basketball, I guess they wanted to branch out. Maybe he's taking the Oympic athlete spot that is usually there.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: He's the Welterweight Champion of the world. Plus, he's won titles in like five weight classes.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: Because they always have a black man who should be able to dance but may or may not have the skills. I'm dying to know if he has the skills.

Chelsea StaubName: Chelsea Kane, age 22
Why Her/Him?: This trend of having now-grown-up Disney stars continues. She's cute, freshly sexy, and prolly can dance her ass off. Just like Monique, Sabrina, and Kyle.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: Diney Channel, duh.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: I'm not. I don't watch Disney that much anymore so I've never heard of or seen this chick before. I guess she's after my time. I'm not old!

RomeoName: Romeo (Miller), age 21
Why Her/Him?: Having a young(ish) non-Disney star is a new trend, but I like it! Plus, he's Master P's (from Season 2) son. This show loves that type of combo. They usually do it with couples, but multiple generations works too.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before:  He's a rapper. He used to be Lil Romeo. He dropped the "Lil" in a Soldier Boy song from 2009.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: He'll make up for the horrible-ness that his father exhibited on the show. And he's about making that money! Why else would he be on DWTS? And how sexy is he? So sexy.

Ralph macchioName: Ralph Macchio, age 49
Why Her/Him?: Because Jennifer Gray was such a hit, they're trying the 80s thing again.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: The Karate Kid. Or if you missed the 80s, Hilda's boyfriend on Ugly Betty.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: Because they're finally doing his makeup in a way that makes him look attractive, at least so far. And I'm hoping he can really dance.

Petra NemcovaName: Petra Nemcova, age 31
Why Her/Him?: They usually have a model on the show, working or former. She fits the bill. And if she makes it to the end, she has a great story about a dead fiance.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: She's a model. And she did the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimwuit Edition.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: I'm not, I've never heard of this chick. I hope she's used her muscles at some point before this show began.

Kendra wilkinsonName: Kendra Wilkinson, age 25
Why Her/Him?: They already had one bunny, why not get another. Pretty soon they'll have all the playboy bunnies who do reality tv. But yeah, she's the token reality star this season. I shouldn't say token, that's rude. Some people wouldn't watch tv without reality shows. DWTS is a reality show. Whatever.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: She has a show, Kendra: Bunny Next Door. I think that's what it's called.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: That first bunny had so much plastic surgery she couldn't dance (I call it Kim Kardashian syndrome even though she came later). I'm hoping this bunny will break that trend.

Hines WardName: Hines Ward, age 34
Why Her/Him?: See, no one seriously thought the stupid Packers were gonna win Super Bowl XLV (45)! But he is the amazing winning football player they usually have. He was even MVP back in '06.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: Uh, amazing football player, duh.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: So cute. Culturally diverse. Margaret Cho shouldn't be the most diverse person on the show to date (double minority; Asian and gay). This guy is multi-racial. Plus he has a hell of a story to tell about his upbringing if he makes it to the end.

Psycho MikeName: Mike Catherwood, age 31 (but will have birthday during season)
Why Her/Him?:  Um, I don't know. He's a radio star, whatever.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: Um... radio... He hosts a show called Loveline. Whatever.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: Can you tell I'm not glad? Who is this guy? At least he's attractive.

Wendy WilliamsName: Wendy Williams, age 46
Why Her/Him?: Folks love her. Her talk show and radio show are super popular
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: TV, radio, constant appearance's on Daniel Fishels The Dish.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: I'm not. I'll be surprised if the drag-queen lookng chick takes this seriosuly or can even dance. How will they design (I said design, not style), her massive weave?

Chris JerichoName: Chris Jericho (Chrisopher Keith Irvine), age 40
Why Her/Him?: I don't know. I don't remember there being a wrestler and they've already covered sports and reality tv. Maybe they were short on guys.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: He's freaking Chris Jericho. Every boy you know probably owns his action figure. Even if you don't like professional wrestling, you should have heard of this guy. Oh maybe that's why they put him on the show.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: Cause he's cute and maybe he can dance. Plus, it's kind of like when they had that dude Steve-O from Jackass on the show. He turned out to be really sweet.

Kirstie AlleyName: Kirstie Alley, age 60
Why Her/Him?:  More 80's love? Plus she used to be a model. Plus she's kind of fat. They always have a bigger woman on the show. Plus she had a reality show. Plus she's kind of old. Lots of good reasons based on the types of cast members they like to have.
Where You Have Heard Of Them Before: Cheers, Playboy Bunny, Jenny Craig commercials.
Why I'm Glad He's/She's On The Show: She will slim down a lot and do like Marie Osmond did, claim the weight loss food is why her body looks so great. Plus, I bet she can dance. And they'll probably make Corky her partner. Love him!

What category did they miss? I don't think they did. Athlete, model, actor, Disney star, music star. Oh I know! They don't have anyone from the media or politics. There's usually one serious person. I guess Petra Nemcova covers that bill. She wasn't even at the announcement because she was off giving a speech at the UN. I guess that means she'll be with Derrick so he can bring out her fun side. If she's with Max or Mark, she'll be too boring.

Be sure to watch on ABC and also vote at That is, if you actually care about this, yet another reality tv competition. But this is something that I love. I used to watch the ballroom dancing competitions on WTTW Channel 11 when I was a kid. Seriously, I did that instead of Saturday morning cartoons. So don't judge me.

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