Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I Shouldn't Rent A Car and Drive To Cleveland And Raise A Ruckus

The Bulls lost with the same crap that's been plaguing them all the Playoffs. They went from up by ever so many points to losing. I was at work, but I had the game cast in a corner of the screen. I watched as the score difference changed. I saw the mark where Derrick Rose missed some important shots. I saw Lebron and Dwayne making great shots when it was needed.

I know Derrick Rose is the MVP, but I hate that the Bulls can't win a game if he doesn't have a great 4th quarter. It just doesn't seem fair. I know Miami had more to prove.

But all I want to do is get in my car, drive to Cleveland, and raise a ruckus. Stupid Lebron James. But of course, Cleveland has enough problems.

They watched the game and saw the vigor with which he played. They know he wasn't doing that for them. Their chance at a ring was handed to Miami on a very expensive platter.

Plus, Miami didn't really outplay the Bulls until the end. The stats were all the Bulls favor until 4 min left in the game. So I must have a measured and accurate response. I'm sad my team is out, but it's their own fault.

At least I can have hope that this time next year, they will have worked out these kinks and will be doing better.

Otherwise, I'm renting a car and driving to Cleveland.

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