Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bulls vs. Miami

This is a hometown rant, so if you aren't a Bulls fan, you will not appreciate this.

Wanting to be 2-0
Was that so much to ask? Jeez guys, I just wanted to be 2-0. We're heading to certain loss in Miami on Sunday. All these guys had to do was win two games. And did they do it? No! They were tied and up and tied and down, and they couldn't keep it together at the end. You know who I blame? That brings me to the next section...

Boozer, You Suck!
It wasn't his fault exactly that they didn't win. But I'm still upset over the mess he's put me through the rest of the playoffs, so this is also his fault. He drives me so crazy that when I see Gibson's bald head doing something amazing in a crowd of defenders, my first reaction is wry appreciation cause his head looks like Boozer's head. Then I remind myself he's not Boozer, he's someone else altogether more wonderful and I can return to happy feelings.

Referees, What The Hell Did Thibodeau Ever Do To You?
Did he insult someone's mama? Was he a jerk in high school and an unbelievable amount of refs graduated with him? I don't know what it is, but a lot of calls seem to be unfair, and they happen when he is out in the trenches right on the side lines, getting the refs' attention. They can screw with him all they want, but they can't take away the fact that he coached up a team to #1 seed.

All that being said, I really am looking forward to this game. Foolish hometown pride won't let me fully concede that we'll probably lose. Yes, I'm one of those people that says "we" with no real affiliation with the team. Get over it.

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