Monday, April 25, 2011

Seriously California? Serioulsy?!

So those people who want there to be a law in California denying gays the right to marry are saying the ruling by Chief Judge Walker which says Prop 8 violated the civil rights of gay Californians to be vacated. Did you catch that?

Prop 8 was on the ballot in 2008 in California and passed, effectively putting into law be referendum that gays aren't allowed to vote.

Some gay couples challenged that ruling in court and Chief Judge Walker agreed with the gay couples.
But now the proponents of Prop 8 want his ruling vacated because he has recently revealed that he is gay and has been in a relationship with his partner for 10 years. They say he should have recused himself because by being gay and in a long-term relationship, he would stand to benefit from his ruling and therefore could not possibly be unbiased.

What. The. Fuck?! These people must hate that you can't tell someone is gay by looking at them. Cause then they could keep gays from holding positions like Chief Judge and then they'd never have to call such things like bias into question. Life must be so hard for these poor conservatives, ahem, homophobes.

I guess they'd rather things be like the were in the civil rights era. If you had dark skin or squinty eyes or spoke Spanish or had boobs, it was clear you weren't unbiased and might do something like give women and minorities the same rights as regular white men.

If they had their way, gay Californians would have to wait like the rest of the oppressed groups in America for some white heterosexual Christian males to realize that it was a better economic decision to let the minorities have their "rights". Hopefully those men wouldn't know anyone actually gay to guarantee a lack of bias.

I guess if I'm black and I sign a petition saying the people who want to defund Planned Parenthood are all assholes, I'm biased because I could at some point benefit from their services. Since when is benefitting from a decision a reason to have that decision vacated? This is the most ridiculous logic. Perhaps these Prop 8 people should turn their focus on Wall Street and stop all those self-serving policies.

Oh wait, if they did that, all these religious groups would lose their funding. And then how would they keep finding new and interesting groups to oppress?

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