Monday, April 11, 2011

A Drunk Toddler At Applebee's

I'm stuck in the airport for a delayed flight and I'm watching HLN on the TV. There was just a news report on about a 15 month old baby who got drunk in an Applebee's.

Apparently, he was drinking from a sippy cup. But instead of apple juice, he had a margarita!

His parents didn't see any probs until the baby started saying hi and bye to the walls. The father took a drink from the cup then called over the manager. He smelled the cup and was like, "wow, what a mixup. There's nothing we can do besides apologize".

It was a mixup in the kitchen. And they apologized. The couple wasn't satisfied with that and called the cops. They took the baby's BAL and it was .10. Legal limit for adults is .08!

That damn baby would have gotten alcohol poisoning if he had finished the cup.

I have three questions.
1) what dummy in that kitchen puts a fucking margarita in a baby's sippy cup?
2)What dummy between those parents didn't notice their baby was getting lit?
3)Why did the manager say he couldn't do anything?! At least make their meal free and offer to immediately fire the person who almost killed their baby.

Seriously, lots of dummies involved. A margarita in a sippy cup? If that baby grows up to have poorly functioning kidneys/liver or a proclivity for alcoholism, all those dummies will be at fault.


Secret Sunshine said...

This is at least the 2nd time this EXACT thing has happened. The problem seems to be that, really, whatever packaging the margarita mix is in is almost identical to the apple juice. These people should sue APPLEBEE'S the entire company, because not only did they already know it was a problem, they made a promise about addressing the packaging issue 4 years ago. Search Applebee's and Drunk Toddler 2007.

Sage said...

Wow that's insane!

CeCe said...

@secret sunshine: this is why we have such a litigious society. Folks do such reckless stupid things and leave others no choice but to sue.

@sage: indeed is it insane.

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