Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iran Is Being Run By Assholes

Knowing that Iran is run by Shiites makes me sympathetic to their struggles. They are dealing with a combative region, full of Sunni leaders who don't respect them. They deal with the United States that constantly exhibits conflicting values, especially when they conflict with our "interests". Yeah, I'm talking about that bullshit ass nuanced initial response to Egypt.

But back to Iran. Now that I've established that they face issues that could grant them sympathy, I've come to this conclusion: They are being run by assholes. One hypocrisy after another.

Here's the one that really grinds my gears. The population of Iran wanted to protest in support of what was going on in Bahrain (and Egypt and Tunisia). Instead of just taking to the streets, they asked for permission. They tried to get protest permits.

The same day that those permits were denied is the day that Iran released a statement endorsing the protests in all those other countries. They tried to co-opt these peoples' fights for their basic rights with Shiite fundamentalism. And they did it while shutting down their own peoples' right to protest. That is my new favorite definition of irony.

Now the leaders of Iran are reporting another setback at a nuclear power plant. Oh, boo-hoo. I feel so badly for you that your power plant isn't working. You know why it isn't working? Because America got together with some computer geniuses and hackers and sent you a nasty bug that shut down your systems. Maybe not the nicest thing to do. That's a big duh.

But they did it because you all don't play nice. You steal elections and crush local protests, and now you are upset that your new source of energy isn't working. Well perhaps if you weren't trying to make nuclear fuel, those mean Westerners would stop sabotaging your power plant.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about the idea that the West doesn't want Iran to have a card to play in the hypothetical nuclear war that could end us all. But then I realize how unreasonable those in power in Iran behave and I feel less conflicted.

I'd like a world where there are few to no nuclear bombs. Right now, the US is constantly lowering the number of bombs we have. And we're also trying to lower the number of bombs around the globe. So my opinion ends up falling squarely against those in power in Iran who are trying to increase the number of nuclear bombs in the world.

<a href="">This is the article"</a> that has set off my rant. I can't say I'd feel bad if their nuclear plant went off line. I know that when properly handled, nuclear power plants are a very safe and efficient way to provide electricity to a constantly growing population. I know that. But I think I'd feel better about Iran using nuclear power if they weren't such assholes. That's all I'm saying.

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